St. Vincent (2014)

Bill Murray's film career has taken many turns recently to the point where he's won critical acclaim for his roles. St. Vincent is a comedy that says to the film going public who love Meatballs and Groundhog Day that he can still dominant a screen for easy comedy. Murray plays the titular character, a sarcastic, … Continue reading St. Vincent (2014)


What is disability?

  What is disability? How do we define it? The Oxford dictionary defines it as NOUN ( plural disabilities) 1. A physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities: children with severe physical disabilities. In this TED Talk clip, an Australian woman Stella Young tells us exactly what she thinks about … Continue reading What is disability?

The Bank Bill Podcasts A-Z

In this series of podcasts you and I will explore just who is on bank bills  from around the world. Discover what made them successful to have their face secured and implemented on their country's currency. It could be a $1 dollar bill or a $100 dollar bill. They still did something which turned heads. … Continue reading The Bank Bill Podcasts A-Z

5 Reasons To Exercise That Aren’t Weight Loss

An interesting article from Why you shouldn't give up the gym Despite conventional calorie-burning wisdom, some people appear to not lose weight when they exercise, says a new study published inThe Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. In fact, some actually gain weight, and it’s not all muscle mass. The study, by Arizona State … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Exercise That Aren’t Weight Loss

5 facts of life that friends won’t tell you

      There are all kinds of people that you meet everyday. Everybody knows a friend who has great aspirations for their future but doesn't know one's needs to take the risk to attain their own future. The mother whose dreams are lived through her children, but the children's own dreams are unknown. The … Continue reading 5 facts of life that friends won’t tell you