The Lion King (1994)


Revisiting “The Lion King” is like remembering your favourite childhood memory.

You’d like to recall all the good bits but then there’s bad stuff that happens during our childhood that we sometimes take into adulthood.  You enjoyed childhood knowing it was fun, and you anticipated your future. Supportive people were around you to show  what lies ahead but dreams fall short when you start listening to the “Scar’s” of the world. They  want to steal what rightfully belongs to you for themselves. Such as the case in Disney’s Lion King.


We’ve all watched ” The Lion King” and if you haven’t…SPOILERS AHEAD

Simba is our hero and protagonist.   The young lion cub who has everything the land touches. He’s the heir of the kingdom. His father Mufasa  values and cherishes him but then there’s Scar, the menacing Uncle that succeeds in taking Mufasa out of the picture and shoving blame and guilt onto Simba. The guilt is too strong for the young cub who flees the land and Uncle Scar takes over the kingdom in a communistic way with his hyenas.

Simba is the dumps of the wastelands and he meets Timon the meer cat, Pumbaa the warthog and Rafiki the monkey. Simba learns his philosophy of Hukuna Matata and begins to enjoy life. However as the audience knows he has to confront his demons whether he knows it or not. This Shakespearean Hamlet for kids becomes alive when he encounters the ghost of his father, Simba knows what he must do.

Simba has to strive the courage to take on Scar and confront what he was hiding from and accept his royal blood.

We know the story will end ” Happily Ever After”, we go along for the ride with it because admittedly it’s a kids film but because there’s a Simba in all of us that wears a little guilt of shame from time to time that we have let define our personality. But can we throw down that guilt and shame of the past and move forward with our future? Only one person can decide that.

“Guilt is a useless feeling. It’s never enough to make you change direction–only enough to make you useless.”

Daniel Nayeri, Faust



Jonathan Taylor Thomas/ Mathew Broderick as Simba

James Earl Jones as Mufasa

Jeremy Irons as Scar

Nathan Lane as Timon

Robert Gulliaume as Rafiki


Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff





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