There was a time when one’s parents said to their children, “Young Man, find a girl, settle down, and get out of the house. We want to retire in peace!”

People would think that some blokes are the mumma’s boy or the daughter is a daddy’s girl of the family.

Old school parents who raised their kids in the 20th century told their kids exactly that. Relationship, first house, children, new career path, grandkids and so it goes on.

Try telling parents now in the 21st century to say that to their millennial kids and you may get a different answer.

The new generation and a few of the older ones that are still hobbling along are adopting singledom and research has backed up that they are better off for it. No more dodgy hurting relationship you may think on the surface level but the research delves deeper into why.

People who have always been single exercise more than those that are married. Now you might be saying “That’s good material!” Hold on, divorcees exercise too but nowhere near those that have been single.

Women and men in a relationship get fatter, not straight away but overtime. It does affect women more than men yet men can put it on just as fast.

Single people are better with money and are capable of having less debt. Married couples will still have debt but it will be greater, even those married without kids.

Singles are better in their own solitude and are self sufficient. Sometimes you have to wonder if people are with each other out of their own insecurity.

Singles are more likely to keep family together and stay in contact with siblings than siblings in relationships.

More and more people are adopting singledom as a way of living and not just a gap in their life before society tells them  “you must do this and get married” routine eventually wears them down.

I wonder are some people in a relationship because it’s a  green tick in the box for our society? Are they in one because they’re venting their insecurities onto someone who is like minded and can tolerate them?

Maybe some people, yes, you know you you are, you’ve had a million legit partners and dud relationships.

Perhaps you need to try singledom and find who you are.



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