Sully (2016)

A film about a a plane taking a nosedive into the Hudson River, here the plane takes this film into the river as well.

Nothing new was seen on screen, the likeable Tom Hanks doing what he does best – being Tom Hanks. The film traces the true story of a US Airlines flight taking off  in 2009. Soon after the plane has taken off, birds hit the plane, the mechanics of the plane fail and Sully ( Hanks) and his copilot Skiles (Eckhart) decide to brace for impact and head for the Hudson River.


An investigation into why Sully and Skiles chose to crash onto the Hudson river instead of turning the plane around to an available airport drives the film.  Hanks in the role of Sully tries his best to elevate his character’s journey but this small script doesn’t allow him to do it. Scenes showing Sully waking up from flashbacks of the flight in what is supposedly PTSD but who cares?

The viewer has no choice but to observe the crash multiple times either through Sully’s eyes or during the investigation hearings that are held. Even then, the action and suspense that it’s director wants to supposedly create is simply television viewing. Films directed by Clint Eastwood are typically understated yet good. He understands story and craft and the acting comes out from it. Here the film at a small 90 minutes feels too long.

Familiar faces are within the film like Laura Linney playing Sully’s wife who should really be called the phone call wife because that’s what she  does during this film. She  answers Sully’s phone calls and is under utilised as an actress.

I have the highest respect for the the real life Sully and saving 155 lives on board his flight,  however the film about him  lacks anything solid and has no substance.

What do you do?  Wait for television film.


Tom Hanks as Sully

Aaron Eckhart as Skilles

Laura Linney as Lorrie

Director: Clint Eastwood



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