Trainspotting (1996)

” Living like this is a full time business”, Renton explains.

Watching Trainspotting again twenty years on is fresh, vibrant, and humourous. It’s jam packed with one liners, and explores the underground life of hard drugs in underground Scotland.

I was recently talking to a fifty year old mother who watched this for the first time and now has the sequel on order from the library. ” It was a work of art!” she said. Her face shone with enthusiasm. Her two teenage boys won’t be seeing the film but that Romanian mother knew that a re-watch was necessary for herself.


If you are reading this review to find out what happens in the film then go somewhere else, find a corner and watch the damn movie.

Besides Renton’s ( Ewan McGregor) opening “Choose Life” monologue, the film stands the test of time for its dialogue. People may say what about Tarantino? What about him? Here we are talking British cinema that knows how to spot a good book by Irvine Welsh and turn it into a film.

It’ll be taught at film schools, it’ll be re watched when you need a laugh, and it’ll be re visited when you need to get away from life.

You may find an old timer in a Scottish pub talking about radio plays and his love of scoby drinks. Try and weasel in a few quotes from Trainspotting, get him out of the bar, onto the couch and make him Choose Life.

Ewan McGregor as Renton

Robert Carlyle as Begbie

Ewen Bremner as Spud

Jonny Lee Miller as Sickboy





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