DIY University Education

To teach or not to teach, that is the question.



In this modern age teenagers leave high school and enter their first year of University life with zeal and passion but by the end of the first semester, that same passion is dry as a bone.  Adult students are the same, the career changers know what they want but mid point in the year it’s gone.

Where did it go?   Who’s to blame?

The lecturers themselves are the career changers and have settled into the “I’ll do this for the rest of my life” routine and others are suffering for it.

Students have come to university for an education but very few universities offer that. They only offer their personal brand one can add onto a CV.

Students buy the lecturer’s book but one chapter is only used in the course paper so they may as well not have bought the book at all.

Students are learning from each other and doing things DIY. Some unknown schools, no not the scammy ones are being a lot more hands on in their learning methods and giving students practical teachers with real world  and marketplace experience. They are offering students practicums, internships and mentor-ship but the students are unnoticed in the marketplace.  Meanwhile the fresh university graduate with no hands on experience wins the interview.

No more academics! No more academic lecturers! We don’t want or need your books! Go away!

They’ll always be textbooks students will need but is it really relevant. Yes the lawyer will need law books to know the law, doctors need to be aware of anything and everything but do other career pathways need texts? Once the students are employed what they  learnt at uni  will soon become theory and “on the job training” will win the day in the job.

All the diplomas and degrees only creates one thing.

His or hers own personal brand.

It’s what wins them the job interview, it’s what makes the prospective employer throw in a few extra pennies in the payslip and it gets a foot in the door.


Stop thinking  tertiary education = instant jobs. It won’t and it never will. Search famous entrepreneurs and they’ll say tertiary qualifications are a waste of time. They’ll say “hustle, just do it, get on with life.” Nobody owes anyone one damn thing, you’ve got to claim it.


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