How to watch Theatre and learn from it


“Yes, I love theatre and Shakespeare. I just love what Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson do in those films”, she said.

But has she ever stepped inside a theatre and seen Shakespeare come to life? No.

Has her boyfriend stepped away from Assassins’s Creed console games and seen a live battle in front of his eyes? No.

She watches Bollywood movies for the dances but will she go and see the latest from seasoned dancers, probably not.

I’d like to say to both of them that they can get off the couch, dress up and go to town. They’ll be able to become the little snob they want to be and see life.

Many people still view live performance theatre and dance as dead. The reason being we live in a digital age with live streaming internet, television, and torrents.

People interviewed said they studied theatre and dance once at school, so it’s a tick in the box. I’ve been there done that.

Twenty people were surveyed and their choices are shown in the chart below



The reasons why Theatre and Dance are still alive:

5. History

Reading a 600 page text book can be daunting,  leave the cobwebs on the book cover and head down to the local theatre to brush up on history.

4. Society’s Mirror

If you’ve been living under  a rock and have not a clue what social changes are being made in the world then grab a seat and watch contemporary theatre.

3.  Psychology

Who needs Dr. Phil when you have theatre scribes, actors and dancers  exploring characters at war with themselves. Conflict is rife and everywhere. The internal and external conflicts that characters go through can only be truly expressed in theatre and dance, not film.

2. Empowerment

Being part of the audience and watching characters make key decisions about their stage lives can be empower yourself to go out there and take action. The discipline that dancers go must be tough but rewarded nightly from engaged audience members.


Musical theatre, drama, comedy or dance all share one factor. Creativity.  Theatre doesn’t cater to the masses the way reality television does.  Creativity flows from theatre and dance. Throw away your HD television screen and buy a season pass to the theatre and dance company instead.

The biggest learning tool for any season of life can be found with theatre and dance.

What’s coming up in Auckland

A Streetcar Named Desire – Silo Theatre

Safe Place to be Brave – New Zealand Dance Company





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