Who’s your real friend?

You are invited to go out with a group of friends on a weekend evening with the hopes to catch up and you do, well in some form. Maybe you’re eleven years old and you’ve won a special award and run home to tell your parents and try to communicate it but…

have we lost the art form of communication with people in the 21st century? Am I being too traditional in my thinking that when you invite friends or family to see you that you  want to catch up with them physically and not on Facebook. Yet it’s the phone that holds their attention.

You may not even be using your latest cellphone but the very fact that you place it on the coffee table,  your lap or restaurant table implies that the other person is insignificant and something else “may” come up that is more important. Whoa, someone liked my Facebook comment or shared my Instagram photo is more important than spending time with loved ones and the friend that took time out of their day to come round?



A daughter that is craving to spend time with her father but she finds herself alone being babysat by the television instead of quality time that could be spent with a loving father.

I wonder what would happen if meals would be device-free of mobiles, tablets and televisions in families. Surely that would change the dynamic.

How would your partner react if you asked her to put their phone away when you’re with them?

Word of the Day: Phubbing definition: Phone + Snubbing = Phubbing

ignoring someone in favour of your phone

Smartphones have too many applications available for download and that increases your need for a greater SD card. When that is broke you buy the latest overpriced Smartphone and the cycle continues.



I’d challenge you to go through your phone and delete every application. But not to delete the applications you rarely use, but to delete the applications you overuse. How long will you last or can you even do it? I’d love to read your comments.

So who’s your real friend?




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