The Real Election Debate Issue 2017

The candidates are out and giving reasons why your vote counts.  The only issue that needs to be discussed is the policy of broadcasting.

Who is the best candidate for running an election debate? Who are the commentators and personalities that NZ have to offer?


Mike Hosking


Everyone has got an opinion about this divisive fellow. The TVNZ presenter has a campaign started against himself to be taken off presenting a leaders debate means one thing. People are always thinking about him. His right wing views come out as he adjusts his jacket and taps his pen on the desk. His colleague talks and he adjusts his notes to signal it’s his turn to talk again.  He’s been with TVNZ since 1997, that’s longer than some parliamentarians have spent in the beehive.

The Pros: He asks questions and tries to get responses from interviewees

The Cons: The questions he asks are either bias to his political views or they glorify his ego because he’s the interviewer.

Patrick Gower


Newshub’s Political Journalist is right at home in the playground of the beehive. This journalist has found his home in Wellington shenanigans. He’s younger and you don’t pick up too many vibes of extreme political radicalism with his interviews. He loves his analysis of facts and figures and desperately wants to build on the drama and create suspense for all parties.

He’ll be getting his interview and audiences will be watching him try and do what the first debate couldn’t do which is lift it from politeness.

The Pros:  He loves facts, figures, accurate information and focusing on big trends in the politics.

The Cons: An unknown moderator for the debate. Can he get leaders to break their scripts and start a verbal scrap?

Wallace Chapman


This Radio New Zealand broadcaster and television presenter fronts Prime’s Back Benches.  He’s been described as “Fearless but never mean” by the Listener. It shows you that this English and Education major from Otago University can ask bold questions.

He is objective with his questions which does win him a few percentage points above other candidates.

He has a strong and loyal social media presence but would a large television network trust him for a major party debate?

The Pros: He knows what to ask interviewees and will dig again to get responses.

The Cons: Sometimes he doesn’t dig deep enough with his questioning.

Corin Dann


The TVNZ Political Journalist has been around both the Beehive and TVNZ buildings to gain experience in asking tough questions to party candidates. He has an Economic background and can tailor questions to both the left and right.

Party members seem to like this guy when being questioned for 6pm news articles so he may have his turn to shine as a moderator. Unfortunately as long as Mr. Hosking is hanging around the building, Corin will always play second fiddle to anything major during election debates.

The Pros: He understands policy, how to build rapport with politicians while interviewing and can target them accordingly.

The Cons: He’s been seen more as a good political analyst and journalist. He can grill individual politicians in interviews, can he do it for major or minor party leaders?


Who has your vote?



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