3 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Living In A Bubble

One walks down the street with their smart phone in their hand awaiting a phone call, any phone call but nothing happens.  Why is that?

Perhaps they are at the social event whether it be the birthday party, an early morning breakfast but nobody at all is willing to open a conversation with them. Again the burning question is why? Surely the person doesn’t have a deadly disease that is contagious via  horrible bad breath or  stalkerish eyes.

They live in their own world,  but they don’t even know how big the bubble is until somebody pokes a hole in it and they quickly get the Blu Tack to putty the hole up again. So how does one know if they live in a bubble?

  1. Listen to my story..please, pretty please! 

They are a constant drain of emotional energy on anyone that is around them. Do I need a psychology degree to state the obvious. Of course not! It’s human nature. I don’t want to hang around miserable, complaining people who cry over something that happened to them centuries ago. I have empathy for genuine trauma but what do most people whinge about…how their life sucks and why the world isn’t revolving around them. I hate to break it to them but the world doesn’t revolve around you, it revolves around the sun. Get over your little headache, straighten up your back and move on.

2. They’re arrogant

The arrogant are interested in two things existing, themselves and winning. They have to have the last word in a conversation, need to win a point, prove somebody wrong and believe they wear an invincibility cloak. When something doesn’t go their way, they’ll be neglectful of their mistakes and quickly push blame on other people. They need to overpower others and don’t care how they do it. They live in a bubble believing they are God’s gift to mankind but I swear to most people that they see it is untrue or simply fake news.




3. Help, I don’t know what ears are for!

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. ”

-Stephen R Covey-

People who live in their own bubbles listen to only one person, themselves. If they had the courage or let’s just call it, if they had the balls to listen to those around them they might just grow and succeed in what they want to accomplish.


Asking for help from those around you is simply saying “My big fat bubble needs to be burst and I want to breathe some fresh air”

Pop that bubble now!



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