Victim or Victor? The responsibility and its cost of knowing a P addict.

Methamphetamine aka P, crystal meth, ice, tina.

A conversation I had was with a mother of a toddler who on occasion would highlight that she was a solo mother. I wanted to avoid the stereotype that she presented me but I fell in the trap and put her in a box. The woman is the most generous and warmest person one can meet. She’s always bright and upbeat and willing to go out her way for you. Regardless of her character, I had judged her on the statement of solo mother that she had made.

In a second conversation I had with her she would tell me about her living conditions, sleeping on a couch , giving the room in her rental to her son. She would rely on public transport, saying no car keys were in her pocket. Again the stereotype of solo mother was an itch in the back of mind.

The birth father in all of this she would tell me was a P user. He was heavily involved in P addiction and even sold it on behalf of the gangs. She didn’t want her child to lie victim and see a world of methamphetamine. Marching orders were given to him and he packed up and left.

My stereotype of her was fading slowly as she talked. I was given a second chance to view her. After many months she gave the father a second chance but the addiction had the strangehold on his life giving her no option. She had no choice but lay down the law to him and serve final notice to him. He’s now completely out of the picture. She doesn’t look back and glad on her son’s birth certificate there is no record of a P user allocated as father.

She had the choice to be victim but took the responsibility on herself to raise her son without the birth father on scene. I watch 6pm news bulletins of P busts which is good, no fault in that. The human stories of its after-effects are what we don’t read nor watch in the same news hour.


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