Ways Your Mother Lied To You About Film

“Mum, the VHS of The Sound of Music is lost, I can watch The Terminator instead!”

Yes, you can argue  the theme of family bonds and love are there. Romance is there, religion is evident and one can say the film preaches the nice warm hearty message of family love conquers all. We can live happily ever after.

“The hills are alive with the sound of music” or “This film is alive and filled with the sound of deceit.”

Life does not end happily ever after but mummy and the family film teaches us that. Yes, that’s a convention of family and children’s films yet mummy doesn’t allow her child to watch something slightly more badass. Her seven year old son wants to watch The Terminator that dad secretly recorded last week. pjimage

A Terminator with a one tracked mind to kill Sarah Connor because she will be the mother of John Connor. She’ll find love through supporting character Reese and he will help her as much as he can. There’ll be shootups, action sequences,  “I’ll be back” quotes and themes explored that a seven year old kid can learn from.

The kid can actually understand “Nobody lives happily ever after, but we have to strive to survive to succeed in goals”.





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