Lucy (2014)


DIRECTOR: Luc Beeson

Scarlett Johansson is now Hollywood’s go to actress for the action/ thriller genre. She fits well into Marvel Comics “Avengers” world as The Black Widow and can still perform well in dramas. She’ll be playing Zelda Fitzgerald in  2018’s ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’ , a jazz age film set in the 1920s next.

However Scarlet Johannson is Lucy in this film  and there is a scene that captures the very essence of what this film wants to explore.  The scene is shared between Lucy and Professor Norman (Freeman) as she both explains and shows her capabilities in a hotel bedroom. We sense the film is building towards fast action sequences and thrills as well as trying to understand what is happening inside Lucy’s body.

At the beginning of the movie we see Lucy, who looks a little sleazy and with the wrong company. She’s in Taipei and a briefcase gets handcuffed to her which she needs to deliver to a Korean crimelord. She becomes a drugmule with the synthetic drug. Through unfortunate circumstances the drug leaks inside her, she undergoes radical transformation of her body, her view, and her logic.

Professor Norman has a hypothesis and he lectures on this condition, but it’s only hypothesis to him until Lucy initiates contact and tells him about herself. While the science of how and why this is happening is shown during the film, Pierre Del Rio (Waked) is the only cop that Lucy trusts to help combat Mr. Jang the Korean boss. Mr. Jang  wants his drugs back along with the other drug mules Lucy is trying to prevent from death.


Director Luc Beeson is not unfamiliar with female leads in film. His filmography which includes Nikita, The Fifth Element, Joan of Arc all use strong actresses that can play the part. Here Scarlett Johansson fits in with the director’s unique action sequences and high speed car chases. The quick editing of Beeson allows us to work out how fast Lucy’s mind is going, knowing her perspective.  The film used juxtaposition of shots of preying animals when Lucy was being baited into the opening scene’s trap which was effective.

Overall the film was good, but not great. Its a film that is easy to watch and one that doesn’t need you to pause if you’re leaving the room.  I liked that the film created tension with the use of sound and the camera shots. This  used effectively presented crisp action. However the film felt rushed and simply wanted to get to the next scene. One of the themes in Lucy was time, I wish the film stayed in certain scenes a little longer for us to enjoy this 90 minute flick.


Scarlett Johansson as Lucy

Morgan Freeman as Professor Norman

Amr Waked as Pierre Del Rio

Min sik Choi as Mr. Jang



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