Brothers Prefer Chef Meow!

A young seven year old brother was watching Saturday morning television and enjoying every minute of it. The volume of the TV set had not woken up the parents, everything was going well. The curtains in the lounge were still drawn, his eyes had not adjusted to the light outside  nor did they want to. In the household, the first one up between him and his sister meant one thing, first dibs on which programme to watch first.

His older sister had by now moved from the bedroom to the lounge awaiting her turn for the next cartoon. She was wrapped up in a duvet which she stripped from her bed. The darn TV show wasn’t finishing fast enough and her tummy was getting hungry. She thought to herself, “Time for a Milo.”

She got up and walked her way to the kitchen to make the chocolate drink.  The clock still ticked slowly so there a bowl from the cupboard and cereal for herself was made. Begrudgingly the sister asked her younger brother if he wanted anything but he was transfixed to the television. She repeated herself and he responded cheekily ” A cat food sandwich!”.

The clock read 6:58am and her show was just about on as she walked back to the lounge with cereal bowl, plate and drink. She hands her brother a plate where two pieces of bread are sandwiched together. He doesn’t look at the bread because his gaze is on the screen. “What’s in it?” he asks.  She replies with “Your favourite.” Peanut butter or honey were the only two options he knew. He takes a bite and struggles to comprehend why it’s taking so long to swallow his sandwich. His mouth is eating meat and desperately attempting to chew anything. He took a big bite out of it and can start to feel jelly and slime. Meanwhile across the couch his sister stares just about to giggle at what is happening.

“You asked for it.”

classic-tuna-salad-sandwiches_42841He spits it out and opens the crusts of the sandwich to find jellymeat catfood spread across the bread. He rushes from the room to the kitchen to gulp a glass of water and forgets about what’s on TV. His sister has got control and the television is now hers.


I was that young brother and learnt a valuable lesson that Saturday morning. 

Never say anything you don’t mean.


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