Get Me Out Of This Conversation!

We’ve all been in a conversation that gets turned into a deep and meaningful when it doesn’t need to be anything but small light banter.

Your energy wanes and drops as a conversation about weather turns into climate change. You try a different tact. Talk about shopping, it doesn’t work as it leads into chat of anti consumerism and malls forcing you to buy things. Only buy from second hand stores. You apologise for your sins of shopping from a corporate mall as you’ve realised you are down a path of no return. Nailed for seeking forgiveness. Rosewell and the belief of Aliens is discussed and how it’s authentic because someone read it in a book.

Help! I just want my lunch break!

Should I use my debit card to buy lunch or will Big Brother be watching, I should only use cash.

MariaSOMYou switch and talk pop culture. You cannot escape. Films aren’t what they used to be because The Sound of Music is the best thing since sliced bread you’re told. No escape!

Why can’t a conversation be simply a one for chit chat where no deep and meaningful need to exist.  You can enjoy small talk without having to be considered and intelligent.

Apparently we live in a world where Sister Maria has to get her way.

Let’s just agree to disagree without having to contend on every subjective opinion one  has chosen to believe.




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