A New Singaporean Proverb

There I found myself waiting in line at McDonalds for my order to be served.

It’s only a $10 meal.  They’re not gonna be serving the King. 

Waiting next to me was a Singaporean woman.

 An older man in his seventies  stormed up speaking to the manager. His frantic hands and busy mouth shouted “I ordered coffee with milk, this is black. Your hamburgers are too thin. Can’t you add more in it?” The manager took his tray away to work with it. 

The Singaporean customer gave him a napkin.

 She started talking to me about Singapore. 

“We don’t know how lucky we are. We should be grateful for what we have. The Penang floods wiped out everything. In the US twenty six people are dead. American taxes are higher than ours.”

“Always be grateful” 

She paused.

“Always be grateful”

A hesistation.

“Always be grateful.”

Her order came and yes it was a Happy Meal.  


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