Bjork-All Is Full Of Love- The Blackbird Ensemble (2017)

The performance had ended and people began to leave. One resonating comment was heard from the people in front of me while walking onto Queen Street.

” That female percussionist was really great. She was alive in there.” 

Ninety minutes previous to that comment, people sat in anticipation of how fifteen performers would bring the spirit of Bjork alive to Auckland’s Q Theatre. The very first moment the ensemble took the stage and the first note was heard everyone knew this show would prove well rehearsed and exceptionally delivered.

Bjork’s voice is truly unique and it has to be asked how can it be recreated? Blackbird Ensemble’s four vocalists fuse their range to the lyrics of Bjork’s music and what is heard is spectacular.

The horn section worked its wonders in their setlist. Bjork’s music is ambitious, loud and exciting. The horns made the whole evening ambitious and left the audience craving for more.

The drums and percussions complemented each other as well as adding value to the surrounding musicians and vocalists. Where would a show be without them?

Bjork the artist never wants to be isolated in one genre and uses every element of music to her advantage. Bjork: All is Full Of Love embodies that very thinking. The violin players perform with perfection, knowing what is at the core of the song and how heavy they should play to it.

One performer that had shared equal stage presence with the vocalists was the electronics musician who would create beats and rhythm from old school typewriters.

Bjork: All Is Full Of Love is the brainchild of Musical Director Claire Cowan  and here she delivered  ninety minutes of Bjork’s musical spirit. She created an atmosphere where her Blackbird Ensemble could stretch and excel.

The show is not to be missed.  The comment was right. All performers were great and alive. If you miss the Saturday 11th November show well you may complain..

“And if you complain once more. You’ll meet an army of me.”

Army of Me. Bjork



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