There’s A Robber In My House!

Speaking to a former work colleague today and straight away she asks me how I am. I respond with niceties and then she downloads on me.

She explains that she went home and arrived during her house was being robbed. She entered her son’s room and her eyes met a smart looking man with a bag of goods. She went on to say that all that was asked was for him to leave. He had an uppity look on face and another face of ego to scare her off. It didn’t phase her, all that was signalled was her finger to the front door. He gave the goods back and walked out.

She called her husband who told his wife to dial 111. The Police came and took fingerprints.

During my discussion with her, she told me that she called victim support for some help but her strength came from knowing that she had the power in the circumstance. Robbers think they’re the tough ones but this woman proved that resilience will break down any wall even when a home burglary is taking place right in front of you.

What a drama!

I would go back to my car, drive off, call the cops and wait.  That’s the safe option.

She was the risk taker and it paid off. Well done.


Victim Support    0800 842 846

Lifeline                 0800 543 354

Emergency line  111



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