The Social Network (2010) ” I Deserve Recognition From The Board”

RATING: 4.5/5

DIRECTOR: David Fincher

The very fact that I am writing this review and on another browser  tab  is my Facebook page suggests that Facebook was a game changer. How did it change the game, what drove Mark Zuckerberg as an entrepreneur to commit to his actions is what Fincher’s film “The Social Network” explores.


Who is Mark Zuckerberg? The world’s youngest billionaire, that’s what he is but who is he and what drives him? In the very first scene Zuckerberg(Eisenberg) chats with his girlfriend. Correction. She’s chatting to him and dialogue doesn’t compute for him. He does not engage with the conversation or see it for what it is. The scene sets the pace for the film which is entertaining, engaging and smart.

The whole film can be viewed as if one is in the mind of Zuckerberg. We follow one line of thought which leads to another thought then follows to another. It’s almost as if  we are understanding Zuckerberg code language and tiptoe behind  him on his journey.

This film follows Mark Zuckerberg in a pretrial deposition along with former co-founder Edwardo Saverin (Garfield), who created the algorithm for a site to start up to get back at Zuckerberg’s now ex-girlfriend.


As we continue to watch the film, the momentum of how fast an idea can take off is what we see. If Zuckerberg chooses not to do something, the idea becomes void in his mind. He wants to add to his idea and wants nothing to stagnate.  What is that drive about?

Introduced is the Winklevoss twins (Hammer) who give Zuckerberg an open door to Harvard wanting him for their idea  of the HavardConnection. Mark Zuckerberg  uses their idea and builds on it for thefacebook. The site takes off and the twins are left in the cold by Zuckerberg.

” You know, you really don’t need a forensics team to get to the bottom of this. If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.”  Mark Zuckerberg 


Enter Sean Parker (Timberlake) the Napster man who acts as mentor and idol to Zuckerberg in areas where Zuckerberg is blind.


What we watch between all these boy geniuses is snappy dialogue of decision making proccess, business communication and organisational management. Zuckerberg acts from insecurity and a need for recognition but for himself or the world? The film has guts and paints the picture very raw. Sometimes raw enough that one will state ” ‘I’d never do that to my friend.”

I hate to say it  “It’s a dog eat dog world out there and you have to protect yourself.”


Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg

Andrew Garfield as Edwardo Saverin

Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker

Armie Hammer as The Winklevoss twins


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