Looper (2012)


DIRECTOR: Rian Johnson

The year 2044. The year is also 2074.

Time travel is available but is illegal. In Looper Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Joe, a contract killer and Bruce Willis plays the same character but older.

A looper in young Joe (Levitt) works for a company that exists thirty years in the future. When that company wants to get rid of and dispose of someone then they’ll be sent with a hood over their head back to the past where the looper is awaiting with a gun to take care of the wee little problem.

Joe awaits for the next person to be taken care of and when that person appears out of thin air in the empty field as they should, hesitation. Joe realises the person is an older version of himself in Old Joe (Willis).  What happens when you are in touch with yourself from the future, well in this case both men go to a local diner and figure out why their loop is being closed.  looper2

Enter Sara (Blunt) who Joe meets on a Kansas farm and she is strong and confident and grown from her unseen battles off screen.  She mothers a son Cid (Gagnon) and Joe draws close to her and details are unravelled why his loop maybe closed.

Old Joe meanwhile has seen his wife in the future killed and wants to pay retribution to The Rainmaker who he believes killed her. Old Joe believes Cid is The Rainmaker which leaves young Joe decisions of what future he wants to live in.

The film is executed well but at times can feel a little flat. Rian Jordan got his cast right in Levitt, Willis, Blunt, Daniels and Dano. The cast looked like they wanted to do more but the script didn’t allow them. Watching this film, you understand the premise and question it asks you of potentially changing history if you had the power to do so or just let it slide? Time Travel films can be powerful or flat. Here the mix is just right.  In this film Levitt is coming into his own as a main lead after having worked on Inception. He shows hints that he can be taken serious as an thinking man action star in Looper.


Joseph Gordon Levitt as Young Joe

Bruce Willis as Old Joe

Emily Blunt as Sara

Jeff Daniels as Abe

Paul Dano as Seth




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