Star Wars VI: Return Of The Jedi (1983) – Understanding The Audience


DIRECTOR: Richard Marquand

Return of the Jedi has the most fun with its story. Any person who you talk to about the film will no doubt bring up the Ewoks within a breath and say how they destroyed the film. Dare I say it, George Lucas knew how to capture an audience. Firstly take all the working pieces from two previous films. The previous two films viewers are now growing up so how does he capture a new audience to revisit New Hope and Empire Strikes back? Add witty dialogue, small furry creatures called Ewoks and lightsaber battles.

I appreciate Star Wars but I can draw the line. Perhaps I’m not the target audience. But then who is? Let’s breakdown a few characters and see why movie lovers keep going back for more and love all releases.


luke1Luke starts his journey as the nobody. He has no real family which simply means he has no one to watch his back nor look up to in times of need. He is a techhy geek and can fix droids.  The Father figure of Kenobi puts him on a path where he has a goal to become a Jedi to face his father. Luke has self-confidence issues, identity problems and impatience that needs to get sorted before he can take on Darth Vader in Episode VI. You can understand why an audience needs to follow Luke but they’d never admit it.


leia1Leia starts her quest already having identity in who she is and understands problems and how to deal with them. She is practical in nature and shows logical thought. She is a networker throughout the trilogy. One would want Leia in your corner in an argument. She develops by having to discover her feelings and emotions that she chooses to overlook. Whether it be with Han Solo or Skywalker, emotion is what drives her character’s learning. The fanboys will leave the cinema knowing how to have a deep and meaningful from watching Leia on screen.


solo1If Luke’s the hero with a vision then Han Solo is the hero who hasn’t read a self help book. He’s reckless  and impulsive and feels no need to change. Maybe that’s what we want on some spontaneous Friday nights. Yes, he’s a hired pilot without heart but gradually we see him fight for loyalty to friends. We want a loyal friend in our corner, it’s a pity that there aren’t more Solo’s in the world. Ironic that a loyal friend is called Solo in Star Wars, perhaps we should be reading into this one.


chewbaccaChewbacca is the friend who will get you out of a tight spot but complain along the way. He’s the tag a long for Solo and he’ll follow instruction once he trusts you. Maybe that six year old boy in he cinema can learn how to trust his parents before complaining the way the Wookie can sometimes misread a situation.


C-3P0 & R2-D2:

droidsThese two are the iPhone and Android phone that everybody needs. Their mission is to serve and do it well. Unfortunately sometimes they only want to communicate to one master, breakdown or tell people information they don’t want to hear at any given time. We still need technology and this is how Star Wars uses theirs.



darth1The absent father that learns of his son and wants to use the son for advantages to the Empire. Yes , he’s Darth Vader who represents the Dark Side but he represents mistakes, regrets, bad decisions and everything inbetween that needs redemption. He has his redemptive moment in Return of the Jedi and that’s what we anticipate. Redemption for past actions is what any person wants in this day and age.




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