Define A Friendship

Friendships can be unsuspecting. They can reach out,  grab you by surprise and if you are open to change then they’ll show you a fresh perspective.

Friendship does not need to be the same age. I’m the living proof. How and Why?
Two years ago I found a job in a rural part of town.  As a man in my thirties, I was the youngest person in the job and the overall community had a few more decades on me. Did it bother me? At first it did but then the realisation came that who gives a shit about age and differences but just enjoy each other. No, no I’m not trying to preach some John Lennon song yet friendship and bond grows each time one brings life to a person’s world through friendship.

My special three friends will text me although I moved onto a different job. We’ll catch up for a meal and a movie.

Age, Political differences, distance shouldn’t hold back friendships from moving forward.

To those three friends. You are a great bunch of people and we will build on what friendship we have in 2018.

2017 was a year of change for me and one where life can be built on.


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