Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation (2015) – The Action Star Spy Film


DIRECTOR: Christopher McQuarrie

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation delivers what it needs to deliver to its audience – Thrilling Action Spectacle.


Tom Cruise has played Ethan Hunt since 1996 and here he finds himself in this 2015 film right at home. Thinking back to 1996 and watching the first film, the franchise is aging well and Cruise understands what is required to pull off the character and doing it so well. Super agent Ethan Hunt works for the IMF and travels the globe from Belarus to Havana,  Paris to Washington, D.C., to Vienna to Morocco to London to figure out more information about a very dark rebel revolutionary group called The Syndicate. The IMF team aren’t perceived as heroes because the CIA chief shuts them down. The IMF team are out on their own.

Jeremy-Renner-Mission-Impossible-Rogue-Nation-467The great thing about this film amongst the spy genre is that it fits perfectly into the Action Spy Genre. It allows intrigue in the film, it provides safe exposition for a few that can’t follow basic plot points, it gives chases, gun fights, car fights and motorcycle spectacle. The dialogue is fun to listen to and enjoy. Perhaps earlier Mission Impossible films took themselves too seriously and they flopped at the box office and critics gave a thumbs down  but here the script is fun and the actors are enjoying themselves.

simonpeggSimon Pegg is quick with his wit, Jeremy Renner plays the intelligent agent, Ving Rhames is Luther our reliable go to.  Any action spy film needs a female lead or heroine and here we have Rebecca Ferguson playing Ilsa Faust. Who is she? Hunt needs to find out within this 120 minute display.

One of the great early thrilling spectacles we see is the display of tense action at the Vienna Opera. Both Hunt, Faust and Dunn are there to tighten anticipation thanks to McQuarrie’s direction.


There will be another mission if you choose to accept it. That will be released to audiences in 2018 and Hunt will be back. This American spy knows his action where the British 007 knows his cool.

Tom Cruise has found his home in playing a charismatic action star and warm man of drama. To some he’s a turn-off because they see him playing himself in most films. Tom Cruise knows what he can do and sticks to it. It’s his income.

Rogue Nation rewards its audience because it understands them. Who are they? People that enjoy a few thrills, an interesting plot, well thought out action sequences and great use of technology. You get that by downloading Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.


Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt

Jeremy Renner as William Brandt

Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn

Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust

Ving Rhames as Luther

Alec Baldwin as Hunley


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