Do We Own Our Pets Or Do They Own Us?

You buy a pet for yourself, a dog or cat and take it home. You search through the internet searching for cute names to give it, think of goofy film characters you want to name your pet and it’s sorted. The next shopping list includes premium pet food not the cheap tin of jellymeat that is on special.

You take pictures, upload them on social media and suddenly you’ve slipped into a new realm. Life is not about you anymore it is about you pet. That pet that is on both laptop and smart phone wallpaper desktop screen has you for all you’re worth.

I know of several people that live for their pet. The very minute they close and lock the front door, they are already fretting about the kitten or puppy. They’ll take a sick day when the cat has a broken leg or have controlling thoughts at work when the dog has gone missing for one day.


I know of too many people who live for their pets. All of those people are single. Is there a connection? Potentially. When you are at a social engagement with these people and ask how their week has gone, they answer it with what their stupid pet has done. I’m interested and willing to listen but please move forward with your life and don’t allow yourself to be trapped by how your pet is doing. By the end of December 2018 when people ask how was the year for you? What goals did you achieve? You won’t be saying the new trick you taught your dog, they’ll want to hear the new choice you made and how it improved your life.

Stop living your dreams through your pets and the instant cuteness and delight they bring to you. They’ll be gone and you’ll still be around with plenty of pet tricks but nothing else in life.

Get some NLP, counselling or Pet therapy.



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