Gone Baby Gone (2007) “Right Versus Wrong?”

DIRECTOR: Ben Affleck

RATING: 3.5/5

Casey Affleck has won acclaim by winning the Best Actor Oscar for Manchester By The Sea (2016), and critical acclaim in other roles like I’m Not There and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. Casey Affleck, the younger brother of Ben Affleck has a quiet pathos and genuinity  in his acting that others of his generation do not have. His brother Ben Affleck, in the director’s chair for Gone Baby Gone makes sure you see that in fullness over the 110 minute film.

gone_baby_gone_movie_image_casey_affleck_and_morgan_freemanThe film is set in Boston, which by film standards is  synonymous with crime movies like The Departed amongst others. Here is no different, Affleck plays Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro is played by Michelle Monaghan. They are both a couple, business partners and private investigators. Although they project a youth about them, they are more mature than they show to others surrounding them.

As you watch this film, you begin to realise that this superb police procedural becomes a very gritty mystery thriller that at it’s core studies moral choices and one’s humanness.


The film begins with a woman named Bea and her husband Lionel who seek help from Kenzie and Gennaro because the cops aren’t doing enough finding teir neice Amanda.

Morgan Freeman acts as Jack Doyle, the Crimes Against Children task force while Ed Harris is Remy Bressant and John Ashton is Nick Pool the other cops. All want to resolve the issue and find missing Amanda and see a connection gone wrong with Helene the drug runner mother and a recent heist of drug money.


In a film where you have a small ensemble cast, typically one actor shines out where here all of them Affleck, Monaghan, Freeman, Harris, Ashton shine in their roles. Casey Affleck plays his role well in this film and can carry scenes well whether they are up against Morgan Freeman or Ed Harris.

gonebabygone2Like any mystery crime film, the secrets in this film has to be concealed. They are not shown and come as a surprise when they are shown. The clues that are in plain view are logical and you can understand them at every step of the way.


Boston films are known for a bit of language and his is no different. Dark, gritty and brooding is what this film is about. If you bypass the language and a few uneasy scenes to watch then you are left pondering character choices and contemplating right versus wrong.


Casey Affleck as Patrick Kenzie

Michelle Monaghan as Angie Gennaro

Morgan Freeman as Jack Doyle

Ed Harris as Remy Bressant

John Ashton as Nick Pool


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