To Complain or Not To Complain, That Is The Question

You met them all the time. They’re in the supermarket aisle gobsmacked at the price of milk. They’re at the petrol pump disgusted at the price per litre. They’re in the bus shelter or staff room stating political view and what they would do if…

Welcome to the world of

“The Complainer”

What would they do if they could fix all the world’s problems. They’d complain again without fixing anything. They are a species to themselves because a complainer holds the belief system that someone else will put in effort and correct what is wrong. When the mistake is corrected, that specie of complainer will go to microscopic level and critique what should have been done properly.  They will look at every situation and find a fault in it robbing it of any pleasure or joy.


How to spot The Complainer:

  1. If you get caught in conversation with one of them, there will be a would have, should have, it’s not fair comment within the mix.  You will never win a would have, should have argument with a complainer because they are cry babies that want to be heard.
  2. Complainers are not loners. They hang in complainer groups where they can whinge about whatever it is they want to cry over because it makes them feel better. Run away from them because sooner or later, they will bring you to their level and you will be trapped.
  3. Any positive news that is heard will quickly disappear into empty bitterness because it’s not real positive news nor anything flash. An example could be buying your first home. You tell the complainer and the reaction is house prices, the evils of banks, interest rates and corporate greed. Stop. Celebrate the celebration.


If YOU are that Complainer:

  1. Ask yourself how is whinging about your neighbour mowing the lawn when you’re taking a nap contributing to your world. If it isn’t then bloody hell. Stop. I’m not telling you to be a happy clappy hippie with spiritual beliefs however find the good in your world. Psychologists state that complainers like yourself are looking for one thing. Empathy. Change your outlook.
  2. Nobody cares about your complaint because you air your complaints too much. If there is a genuine complaint you have, it is diminished and guess what..No one cares.
  3. Your issues are your own, stop airing them onto others. Deal with it, pick up your game and get busy living.


If you know THAT Complainer:

  1. Slowly move away from them. They maybe your childhood friend in a high paying successful career with a shabby perspective then they want you to join their club. The Complainer Perspective club. Run away. Slowly jog away from them and remove yourself.
  2.  Don’t complain about them because then you have been turned and caught their disease and joined the species of Complainers.
  3. Listen to them, head nod and always say you are doing well. If you have lost your limbs still say you are exceptionally well. If they hear that things are just so-so they will jump and seize the opportunity to complain.



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