The Belief System “Mine’s Better Than Yours.” – Is It?

Whether one believes in a well known religious belief system, it may come from western, eastern or individualistic belief is not the point. The point is everyone has one. If they have none, then that is their belief system- to believe in nothing. All too often at yearly family gathering or business conferences there will be an isolated man in the corner having his cup of tea.

Why have people told you to stay away from him?

He’s the one person that needs to enforce his ideological  religious point of view on you at every point. A casual conversation about your life will divert into a narcissistic take on your view and how it is wrong. Your belief system whatever that is won’t be brought up but his belief system’s judgement on your point of view will be snapped up very quickly.

 John Lennon famously sang

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

indifferenceSorry John, you are that dreamer because the world will never live as one because everyone holds onto their different belief systems.

Why do people force belief system as a requirement?

That belief system that one person holds may work for them. The principles in that belief system, the social engagement, or tradition is useful for them. It is relevant to them. That alienated man in the corner of the room has done one thing wrong – he has the mindset  “It worked for me, it MUST work for you.”

Recently I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in at least twenty years. We both shared that same belief system all those years ago. Now he has moved onto a different view and I have kept mine the same at it’s core but deviated from it slightly.  The entire afternoon was him questioning my belief in order for me to see its flaws and come to some grandiose epiphany of revelation.

What do you do with a person that has a different belief system?

In my example of meeting up with that old friend. I respected his point of view and told him that mine works for me, regardless if you think I’m naive about it. I used the analogy of people and their favourite coffee. One likes cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate, mocha etc. All coffees have coffee beans, how it’s served to the person helps them survive the day just like a belief system gets an individual  through their life. Don’t try and enforce your view on me for the sake of it.

Why be attracted to a different belief system?

Yes, every religious  belief system want to expand numbers. Remove the organisation and look at the individual. Are you attracted to their way of living to the point where I question my own principles? Is that standard of living what I want?

belief-550x384I’m of the view if someone wants to have a conversation about my beliefs then they can initiate it based on how I live my life. I don’t need to wear a bright neon light saying         “This is me, be just like me.” In the same way if I ever question my own beliefs then I’ll ask someone else whose I want.


In this day and age people need to be respected. Respect begins by respecting one’s world view and perspectives.


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