Predestination (2014) “The Paradox”

DIRECTORS:  The Sprierig brothers

RATING: 3.5/5

predesThere is always a sadness or regret with Sci-Fi time travel films and Predestination is no different.  In this film as an audience we are introduced to The Bartender (Hawke) who is a temporal agent stuck in a spin that can take him anywhere whether its 1960s, 1970s, 1980s.  Within the journey we are introduced to Jane (Snook) who has been recruited to serve in a time-travelling law enforcement society.  In the background we have a hunt for someone known as The Fizzle Bomber who manages to elude the agents with every bomb.

predestination (1)Predestination is a film that is difficult to review because with sci-fi genre telling one plot point means a spoiler to the rest of the film. Themes of resentment, difference to society, and truth are all within the film.

The film makes good use of cinematography with extreme close ups, pans, back shots and dark silhouetted settings that give an impression that not everything is being told. The soundtrack is a soft effort with standard music that builds in key action sequences and lifts slightly when narration is being told throughout the film. There is an element of noir within the film, more mystery than suspense or thriller.

 Let’s face it. Nobody’s innocent. Everybody just uses everybody else to get what they want.

Predestination-Trailer-1140x760Having Ethan Hawke in the film acting as The Bartender makes the film interesting along with his counterpart Sarah Snook who plays Jane. Hawke as an actor plays his character contemplative and questioning. In this role he adds depth to The Bartender. Sarah Snook’s physical look and appearance helps her with the character changes that Jane goes through within the film.

I was impressed by Predestination. Although not the greatest time-travel film it is definitely one worth a look for storytelling and it’s take on paradoxes. It is a philosophical film because of time travel but it does not overtly preach those philosophical views like some time travel films do.


Ethan Hawke as The Bartender

Sarah Snook as Jane

Noah Taylor as Mr. Robertson



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