The Notebook (2004) “A Timeless Love Story”

Tearjerker: a film that tugs on heart strings making its audience emotionally involved in major characters and plot points. A film that gives you goosebumps and that warm feeling in your soul. The Notebook definitely has those qualities in this Nick Cassavetes  directed film.  It is set in 1940s America and  stars Ryan Gosling as Noah … Continue reading The Notebook (2004) “A Timeless Love Story”


The Two Minute Bio: Jack Welch

Jack Welch grew to fame in the business world through his management success and skills during his many years at General Electric. Welch turned the struggling slow moving giant of a company into a dynamic growth company revered by many. During his 20 years of leadership at General Electric (GE) Welch increased the value of … Continue reading The Two Minute Bio: Jack Welch