Life Uncuffed  exists for individuals and small businesses to create new styles of  communication and help adopt new recommendations for their work environment. Objective strategies  can be used to persuade and convince others for maximum benefit.photo 4

Life Uncuffed’s mission  is to help uncuff traditional ways and allow mindsets to adapt to technological changes.

I can help  individuals or businesses with  technical writing, report writing, CV writing, or media kits.* I write using plain English so people can understand what is written without any need for jargon.

I have over ten years years experience in management, high school teaching and administration, customer service and consultancy.


I am also the current President of a Toastmasters New Zealand club and am responsible for public relations and liaising with the international organisation.

Outside business I am a lover of all things art and aim to review theatre, film, music, live performance and even interview somebody interesting. As a member of Toastmasters I have completed Competent Communicator and Advanced manuals continuing to speak with confidence at my own and other clubs.

If you need guidance with your own writing or your own public speaking  I can mentor you, offer advice and brainstorm so you can meet your ultimate goal.

If you need assistance with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other Social Media platforms then I can assist in bringing numbers to your pages.

My Qualifications

B.P.S.A(Film, Television and Screenwriting) G.D (English Secondary Teaching)

Cert (Public Relations and Communications)

D. ( Public Relations and Communications)

Professional Memberships

Toastmasters New Zealand

I can be contacted for professional services via my twitter @voicecityguy


(c) Life Uncuffed



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