The Two Minute Bio: Robert Wood Johnson

Robert Wood Johnson, (born Feb. 15, 1845, Carbondale, Pa., U.S.—died Feb. 7, 1910, New Brunswick, N.J.), American manufacturer who helped further the cause of modern surgery by developing antiseptic bandages and dressings. Johnson began his career as an apprentice in a pharmacy and went on to become a retail pharmacist and then a drug broker in New York … Continue reading The Two Minute Bio: Robert Wood Johnson


The Real “Daddy Issue” Problem

All of us have heard  the term before and know what it means. The classic daddy issue defined: A girl has had a soggy relationship with her absent father which leads to resentment of the relationship. The girl as an adult goes on to find an older man relationship for her protection and safety. That's … Continue reading The Real “Daddy Issue” Problem

The Two Minute Bio: Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is an author, blogger and motivational speaker known for his books The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body. Born in Southampton, New York, on July 20, 1977, Tim Ferriss ran his own nutrition supplement company before becoming a world-record tango dancer. In 2007, he released his book The 4-Hour Workweek, which became a No. … Continue reading The Two Minute Bio: Tim Ferriss

Life Quote #8

Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Clay) was a boxer, philanthropist and social activist who is universally regarded as one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. Ali became an Olympic gold medalist in 1960 and the world heavyweight boxing champion in 1964. Following his suspension for refusing military service, Ali reclaimed the heavyweight title two … Continue reading Life Quote #8

Adaptation (2002) A Fascinating Desire

RATING: 5/5 DIRECTOR: Spike Jonze Why can't there be a movie simply about flowers? Charlie Kaufman (Cage) tries to convince himself of that very thing as the go-to screenwriter to adapt Susan Orlean's ( Streep) book "The Orchard Thief." Trouble is, it's that sprawling New Yorker shit. He can't adapt it. Charlie Kaufman is the … Continue reading Adaptation (2002) A Fascinating Desire

Temple Grandin(2010) Why Are We Narrow Minded About The Autistic?

RATING: 3.5/5 The film Temple Grandin asks the narrow minded to question why they don't want to understand autism the way it should be viewed. Claire Danes plays Temple Grandin an autistic teenager who can't fit at school, refuses to be hugged and only eats jello. The film begins at Arizona in 1966. Temple stays … Continue reading Temple Grandin(2010) Why Are We Narrow Minded About The Autistic?

The Machinist (2004) I Just Want To Sleep

Insomnia (noun) inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness Its fair to say that most people have had insomnia due to change of seasons, the odd complaint on their mind but they haven't met Trevor Reznik (Bale) who hasn't slept in one whole year. It's hard to recognise Christian Bale because that's him with his gaunt face and thin body. I … Continue reading The Machinist (2004) I Just Want To Sleep

Infinitely Polar Bear (2015) The Bipolar Father & Husband

RATING: 3/5 " No! I’m the goddamn servant! All I do is cook for you and drive you around and tend to your every treat me like a goddamn maid" Cameron argues back to his two daughters on one Boston evening.  We watch Cameron sidelined by his own family because of his mental health … Continue reading Infinitely Polar Bear (2015) The Bipolar Father & Husband