The Christmas Gift

A group of friends decided to catch up over a coffee and lunch meal. We met in the mall and quickly decided to go to the coffee shop next door. Smiles all over our faces as we hadn't seen each other in months and enjoyed the comradarie. We sat down and ordered our morning teas, … Continue reading The Christmas Gift


Before Sunrise (1995)

RATING: 3.5/5 DIRECTOR:  Richard Linklater The film's opening scene can be misleading. Linklater's camera shows us a middle aged couple on a train speaking at volume in their native tongue. There are no subtitles. All we hear is the emotion of their voices heightening and frustrated towards each other. We spot people distracted by the couple … Continue reading Before Sunrise (1995)

There’s A Robber In My House!

Speaking to a former work colleague today and straight away she asks me how I am. I respond with niceties and then she downloads on me. She explains that she went home and arrived during her house was being robbed. She entered her son's room and her eyes met a smart looking man with a … Continue reading There’s A Robber In My House!

A New Singaporean Proverb

There I found myself waiting in line at McDonalds for my order to be served. It's only a $10 meal.  They're not gonna be serving the King.  Waiting next to me was a Singaporean woman.  An older man in his seventies  stormed up speaking to the manager. His frantic hands and busy mouth shouted "I … Continue reading A New Singaporean Proverb

Get Me Out Of This Conversation!

We've all been in a conversation that gets turned into a deep and meaningful when it doesn't need to be anything but small light banter. Your energy wanes and drops as a conversation about weather turns into climate change. You try a different tact. Talk about shopping, it doesn't work as it leads into chat … Continue reading Get Me Out Of This Conversation!

Brothers Prefer Chef Meow!

A young seven year old brother was watching Saturday morning television and enjoying every minute of it. The volume of the TV set had not woken up the parents, everything was going well. The curtains in the lounge were still drawn, his eyes had not adjusted to the light outside  nor did they want to. … Continue reading Brothers Prefer Chef Meow!

Ways Your Mother Lied To You About Film

"Mum, the VHS of The Sound of Music is lost, I can watch The Terminator instead!" Yes, you can argue  the theme of family bonds and love are there. Romance is there, religion is evident and one can say the film preaches the nice warm hearty message of family love conquers all. We can live … Continue reading Ways Your Mother Lied To You About Film

Ramble on

I have been stuck in conversations I desperately want to escape from as if the other person has the plague. Everyone knows the family member or work colleague who can only discuss..correction rant about world politics, conspiracy theory, last night's steak and their favourite cuddly poodle. I have respect for you as a person but … Continue reading Ramble on