Public Speaking

Public speaking is a talent that not everyone is born with but it is skill that can be learnt. Whether you lack the confidence in front of a large group  or need help  structuring your best man speech then you need the experience from somebody who has climbed those mountains before.

I have over five years experience in public speaking  both  professionally as a secondary school teacher and within Toastmasters New Zealand. Currently I am a Toastmasters President of an Auckland club and won speech competitions at district level. I can offer offer my services so you can conquer your challenges.

1. Confidence in speaking and presentation

I will assess your ability and provide feedback from rehearsed speeches given to me. As your mentor  you will benefit from fresh ideas, brainstorms and recommendations obtained.

I will give opinion and coaching on the following areas

  • Physical presence
  • Voice control
  • Hand gesture
  • Speech structure
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Using props
  • Reading your audience
  • Storytelling
  • Speaking without notes
  • Audience engagement
  • Interviewing skills



Formal and Creative Writing

People are not only judged on how they speak but how they communicate through written form. This may be an email, CV, cover letter or creative prose.  I can guide you to accomplish your personal goals. A winning CV, cover letter or professional email that builds a network.

You may need a simple edit of a last minute assignment that is due tomorrow.

You may be endeavouring to write a screenplay, theatre play or need somebody to have a read-through.

I have a professional background in serving the public by helping create CVs and employment letters for them. My performing arts history means that I can quickly analyse and help you with your creative ambition.

2. Technical writing and communication

I provide technical writing services for businesses and organisations that need manuals, policies, procedures written in concise terms for their stakeholders. It may be a frequently asked questions page that needs constant update.  My extensive writing background will help your situation.

3. Confidence in written communication

I will mentor and access you in the following areas

  • CV construction
  • Cover letter synopsis
  • Email authenticity
  • Screenplay and genre rules
  • Theatre script and dialogue
  • Readthroughs
  • Assignment edits


How much does it cost? 

My charges are on an agreed hourly rate and you decide when you don’t need me anymore.

So don’t let another day go past or allow another opportunity to be missed.

Contact me to discuss how you can make a start today.


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