3 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Living In A Bubble

One walks down the street with their smart phone in their hand awaiting a phone call, any phone call but nothing happens.¬† Why is that? Perhaps they are at the social event whether it be the birthday party, an early morning breakfast but nobody at all is willing to open a conversation with them. Again … Continue reading 3 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Living In A Bubble

The Founder (2017)

A friend told me to see The Founder the other day, so guess what? That's exactly what I did. A film about a down on his luck salesman who sells milkshake makers leaving his poor wife neglected at home. We know where this film is heading, he comes up with an inventive business idea, he … Continue reading The Founder (2017)

The origin of laziness in the workplace

When you are asked at a job interview why you believe you are the best candidate for the position, what are they really asking? When they ask you where you see yourself in five years, what do you say? I'm willing to bet you that these questions can be linked to your own personal work … Continue reading The origin of laziness in the workplace

DIY University Education

To teach or not to teach, that is the question.   In this modern age teenagers leave high school and enter their first year of University life with zeal and passion but by the end of the first semester, that same passion is dry as a bone. ¬†Adult students are the same, the career changers … Continue reading DIY University Education