Enemy (2013) “Every Dictatorship Is About Control”

RATING: ¬†3/5 DIRECTOR: Denis Villeneuve Straight away from the outset this film creates mood and atmosphere for Jake Gyllenhaal's characters of Adam and Anthony to exist. A haunting and eerie music score plays throughout the film reminding viewers of old Bernard Herrman scores from Hitchcock films. What we watch on screen is Villeneuve try to … Continue reading Enemy (2013) “Every Dictatorship Is About Control”


Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

RATING: 4/5 DIRECTOR: Denis Villeneuve I have to say when I first heard that a sequel was on the way for Ridley Scott's neo noir¬† Blade Runner, I felt slightly anxious thinking will Hollywood destroy a classic with an empty sequel? To answer that question, director Denis Villeneuve and his producers used the $150 million … Continue reading Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner – The Final Cut- (1997)

RATING: 5/5 Any Scifi fan will know that the film Blade Runner belongs in a science fiction museum of historical significance. To be viewed and rewatched and learn from what it was trying to achieve at that time. In this article, I've viewed the 1997 final cut as opposed to the 1982 original. If you're … Continue reading Blade Runner – The Final Cut- (1997)