The Two Minute Bio: Alfred Hitchcock

Born in London on August 13, 1899, Alfred Hitchcock worked for a short time in engineering before entering the film industry in 1920. He left for Hollywood in 1939, where his first American film, Rebecca, won an Academy Award for best picture. Hitchcock created more than 50 films, including the classics Rear Window, The 39 Steps and Psycho. Nicknamed the … Continue reading The Two Minute Bio: Alfred Hitchcock


North By Northwest (1959) – The Mistaken Identity-

RATING: 5/5 DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock The story seems like a re run watching it in the 21st century and I can imagine this film pressed all the right buttons for audiences in 1959. This film will be noted in Hitchcock's Top 5 films anywhere you look on the internet. Cary Grant plays his part well … Continue reading North By Northwest (1959) – The Mistaken Identity-

Enemy (2013) “Every Dictatorship Is About Control”

RATING:  3/5 DIRECTOR: Denis Villeneuve Straight away from the outset this film creates mood and atmosphere for Jake Gyllenhaal's characters of Adam and Anthony to exist. A haunting and eerie music score plays throughout the film reminding viewers of old Bernard Herrman scores from Hitchcock films. What we watch on screen is Villeneuve try to … Continue reading Enemy (2013) “Every Dictatorship Is About Control”

Hollywood Loves Their Disaster Films

Over the last twenty years there has been a ton of disaster films shown in cinemas whether it be Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon, Twister, or 2012. Excluding all the doomsday epics like War of the Worlds or 28 Days Later, people still crave for the excitement of a disaster film. The disaster … Continue reading Hollywood Loves Their Disaster Films

The Psychological Thriller Genre

The Silence of the Lambs, Rear Window, The Sixth Sense, Gone Girl, Misery, Se7en, Vertigo, and Jacob's Ladder can all sit with a Psychological Thriller tag on them. What makes them included in this genre? THEMES: Reality-  Characters are always trying to determine what is real from unreal. What is true? What is the lie? It … Continue reading The Psychological Thriller Genre

The Machinist (2004) I Just Want To Sleep

Insomnia (noun) inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness Its fair to say that most people have had insomnia due to change of seasons, the odd complaint on their mind but they haven't met Trevor Reznik (Bale) who hasn't slept in one whole year. It's hard to recognise Christian Bale because that's him with his gaunt face and thin body. I … Continue reading The Machinist (2004) I Just Want To Sleep