Boyhood (2014) “A Divorced Parents Reference Guide”

DIRECTOR: Richard Linklater RATING: 5/5 Film can be more than moving, it can give you an experience  where you contemplate your own experiences and perspective of the world. It can shift your thinking and way of life. In Linklater's film you watch a drama that is relevant to any 21st century family whether it be … Continue reading Boyhood (2014) “A Divorced Parents Reference Guide”


Before Sunset (2004) “How Have I Changed?”

RATING: 4/5 DIRECTOR: Richard Linklater Nine years have past since Jesse (Hawke) and Celine (Delpy) have met and they are at two different places in life. At the end of 1995's Before Sunrise these two people vowed to meet six months later in Paris after spending the day together. We meet these two people now and … Continue reading Before Sunset (2004) “How Have I Changed?”

Before Sunrise (1995)

RATING: 3.5/5 DIRECTOR:  Richard Linklater The film's opening scene can be misleading. Linklater's camera shows us a middle aged couple on a train speaking at volume in their native tongue. There are no subtitles. All we hear is the emotion of their voices heightening and frustrated towards each other. We spot people distracted by the couple … Continue reading Before Sunrise (1995)