Life Quotes #25

Arnold Schwarzenegger first gained fame as a body builder, using that as a launching point to become a huge Hollywood star and, later, the governor of California.


The Terminator (1984) “Why It Still Works”

RATING: 4/5 DIRECTOR: James Cameron A robotic organism cyborg called a Terminator (Schwarzenegger) sent back in time to 1984 to terminate Sarah Connor (Hamilton) because what her future son means to the future world. A soldier named Reese (Biehn) sent back from the same world to protect Connor¬† from the Terminator while local Police try … Continue reading The Terminator (1984) “Why It Still Works”

Ways Your Mother Lied To You About Film

"Mum, the VHS of The Sound of Music is lost, I can watch The Terminator instead!" Yes, you can argue¬† the theme of family bonds and love are there. Romance is there, religion is evident and one can say the film preaches the nice warm hearty message of family love conquers all. We can live … Continue reading Ways Your Mother Lied To You About Film